New Dream Elite 2.0 Beta DM 800 for eStar sim card

DMM Dream Elite 2.0 Beta

The Dream Elite staff after receiving so many request for the new image has decided to release a beta version to involve all our users into the testing stage.
Our very new born team has been working hard to provide the Dream Multimedia comunity a user friendly image focusing mainly on stability.
We are ready to listen to any proposal and taking in account any positive or negative feedbacks, as we want improve our image to use the full potential of our decoders.
Our team is associated with DMM and we only support their original products, any suggestion or reference to a non original product will not be taken in consideration and will be immediately removed from this board.
We are still working to improve our image and we will release a final version soon, hoping to implement your suggestion..

Main features of the Dream Elite 2.0
Enigma2 CVS date


Drivers date


Second Stage


Main Function

Button OKx1 = Infobar Light
Button OKx2 = Infobar Extra

Button Blue = Dream Elite Manager
Button Blue x2 = Dream Elite Addons Manager
Button Blue-Long-Push = Extensions
Button Blue+Yellow = Script Executer
Button Blue+Green = Url Cript

Button Red = Start Record

Button Yellow = Time Shift

Button Green-Long Push = Plugins Browser
Button Green+Red = Extensions Menagement