Arthur BKP QBOXHd MINI v0.0.59 14-05-2011

Backup for the MINI
based on the 0.0.59 Release QBoxHD for MINI.
S ***** m Panel V 2.1.2 by Diamond
R r 4.22 ***
O *** m 5224
Setting the dual-feed Vhannibal 12.05-2011
Slot configured to Tivsat (bass) skyfo93b (top)
O *** m.server pre-configured
NEW Skyn Balckshadow_Tiffy by Arthur
Picon full osd-Black LCD
New spinner
Plugins installed:
O *** minfo V.1.9 mod. by Diamond
QBoxHD SecondInfobar v.2.9 by Diamonder
NEW! Autosetting by m43c0 for QBoxHD.
Save DTT channels updating only those of the SAT
The setting of the auto-update is disabled, open the plugin and make your personal settings