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    project valerie

    μηπως γνωριζει κανεις τι ρυθμισης χρειαζονται και τι ειναι αυτο το plugin?ειναι κατι σαν το my vibeo η το movie time

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    Δεν το έχω δοκιμάσει αλλά για μια πρώτη γεύση δες φώτο από το plugin και μια μίνι περιγραφή γι΄αυτό, αν αυτό σε βοηθάει :

    project valerie - a media center based on Dreambox enigma2 The aim of project valerie is to create an easy to use full feature media center for all enigma2 based set top boxes. The main improvement to a standard enigma2 installation is that instead of being multimedia support just a nice re on the side, in project valerie multimedia support is the key feature r508 UPD: Add upscaled 720p version of blackSwan skin FIX: Ignore movie timestamp if files are currently not available FIX: Display tvshow name correctly after leaving episodes overview NEW: Add script to upscale pal skins

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