Original Version (Pure + appended files like than the above) @ by_alibaba

EDG-Nemesis 4.4pl.MAX VAR CLEAN Without unnecessary rubbish

-99% Polonized
-uploaded CCcam 2.1.4 + CFG
-List of channels of 2x1 04/24/1911
- uploaded to-date = "download extra"
new-throw to var / etc file extra.url,

Aero-Skin Black with Polish fonts ¹ ¹

All operate a smart, stable, easily
Upload DreamUP

Important: After uploading the compiling ITS Find the file "CCcam.cfg", and the Dreamie navigate to var / etc. To upload a file etc directory CCcam.cfg.

Then restart the tuner. And that's it.

After restarting press the BLUE button. It should display the so-called. Blue Panel.

@ by_alibaba