SifTeam Enigma2 Extreme Edition v.1.4 for Ipbox 9000

Based on the latest version of the FW by E2 Tideglo Changelogs has the following:

Extreme Edition 1.4
Moved to Tideglo 1.2.0
fixed hotplug start
fixed mount hdd at startup
fixed swap mount at startup
enabled direct view of multimedia file via usb stick
enabled picons load from HDD (/media/hdd/picon)
updated Crossepg svn 241

Tideglo release 1.2.0
- fixed green button for aspect ratio options
- fixed extended audio selection
- fixed hdd mounting point on /media/hdd
- fixed no audio over HDMI on few receivers model with PCM audio-type
- fixed few incompatibility issues for some cuberevo-100hd, cuberevo-250hd and cuberevo-mini2
- fixed rewind and fast forward using numbers on .ts files (1,3,4,6,7,9)
- fixed timeshift (now seems working ok, let me know if you find more problems)
- fixed dvd player

Many thanks to:

Ipbox2008 (coder)
Skaman (coder)
Biondo79 (betatester)
Morpheus883 (Settings Creator & Betatester)
Theseven007 (Betatester)
Tideglo (Enigma2 Cuberevo Driver Boss)
Killer bestia (web master and mantainer)
Genge (Betaster)