Nemesis EDG 4.4_CCcam 2.2.1 Skin 2 Blackhorse i Blackhorse Blue

present to you today is the release of Nemesis 4.4 miraculous Ausis 4.4 This version includes speed and stability, and added a number of functions, and many Alpluzhnat

Of course, without prejudice to the var area and change the original knife Black matrix

B-2 and a knife Blackhorse Blackhorse Blue and two great Skeinan

The correction is also seen using the browser Zapstream VLC and Web-X-TV Fixed

With the proper functioning of the remote control web interface

And also the integration of Imo CCcam2.2.1

Is the speed and racket in Aharinj more changes for us, God willing

Alterations and additions to the most recent image:

Reviewed online through a web browser

1 - Zapstream VLC and Web-X-TV Fixed

2 - Fixed Remote Control Web interface

3 - Copy of the great boot and can be changed by easylogo Blegn

4 - Add the French language outside of Arabic and English with the possibility to download any language from the server

5 - Merge new file to download additional plug-ins

6 - another key to the integration of all packages in the main

7 - Ecminfo information was incorporated into the knife and start automatically

8 - CCcam 2.2.1 and combine the raw CCcaminfo V1.1 away from the Var

9 - Merge plugin MGcamd info on the state of connection to the server in raw away from the Var only

10 - Crypt info plugin combines the raw away from the Var

11 - Combines the plugin in the raw quality of the signal away from the Var

12 - the knife to change the original matrix Bisknin wonderful Black and Blackhorse Blackhorse Nemo Blue

13 - Combines plugin Nagrab raw video from the Var area

14 - Combines Teletext plugin, improved raw work away from the Var only

15 - Merge plugin Hacker Sat Keys in raw away from the Var

16 - Combines plugin Ecminfo raw video from the Var area

17 - New Found plugin combines the raw Cleaner away from the Var

18 - start of a new satellites.xml file updated with the correct names of the SATELLITE

19 - file is modified by time zones Timezone countries simply the most important to have more space

20 - add a property-line registration PVR

21 - change the menu by pressing the HELP

22 - this is where he became Earning Fast karnel

The remaining 83% of Var


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