Homey Multimediathek for Powerpc Dreamboxes


Attached is a version of the plugin Multi-Mediathek by Homey[GER] patched for the powerpc dreamboxes (7020, 600pvr and 500plus) with enigma2 images.

It can be used with the Pcd Lite and earlier Pcd images.

Required :-

Plugin VlcPlayer installed in dreambox. Vlc (tested version 1.1.4) on PC.

If you want to see thumb pictures of videos - install software python-imaging (attached).

If you want to download videos, use the cached play option or use the thumb pictures option - internal harddisk or other mounted storage required.


After starting the plugin - use Menu button for settings.

After selecting a video - three options -

(1) Play Direct - plays directly with vlc
(2) Save to hdd. Possible to play later with VlcPlayer or convert to .ts format with plugin CopyMedia.
(3) Cached Play - opens VlcPlayer.

VlcPlayer Tips :-

If no sound (audio) :-

In file VlcServerConfig.py in the plugin folder add the audio samplelrate 0 line as follows :-


newServerConfigSubsection.samplerate = ConfigSelection(
[("0", "0"),
("32000", "32000"),
("44100", "44100"),
("48000", "48000")
], "0")

Then configure the server for the 0 rate.

If video stops and starts :-

Start vlc on pc and do Preferences - All - Input/Codecs - Access Modules - HTTP - change caching value to 4000.

Regards, pcd.

unknown python-imaging_1.1.5-r1_powerpc.ipk