hi everybody.... i hope that fine
i was talking with my friend georgeflu... but he dont have answer to my questions, maybe here ones can help me...
i have a vu+ solo 4k working with satdreamgr 5 experimental.
with this information:
Brand & Model: Vu+ Solo4K
Chipset: 7376
Main Memory: 724856 kB libre / 2068044 kB total
Box Uptime: 2:29
System OE: OE 2.0
Firmware version: satdreamgr-OpenPLi 2018-08-02 16:29:28 (2018-01-14-develop)
Kernel / Drivers: 3.14.28 / 3.14.28-20171222.r0
Tuners Sintonizador A Vuplus DVB-S NIM(7376 FBC) (DVB-S2)

and i wanto to buy a tbs5980 for conect to my vu+ solo 4k
can i can conect with my box?
i runs fine?
i need extra drivers?
i downloaded fron satdreamgr repository driver called tbs usb
thanks in advanced