The anox 0.5a

- minor corrections in scripts and file system clean up
- OSCam v1.0 rev 4826 + NewCS 1.20 RC13

- JFFS2 summary
- support for USB WiFi (Atheros AR9271, Ralink RT2501USB, RT2870USB, RT3070USB; Realtek RTL8712U, RTL8192CU) - drivers on the addons server
- support for memory card readers
- support for ISO9660 (CD) and UDF (DVD) file systems - drivers on the addons server

BusyBox 1.18.3
- mdev instead of hotplug (support for mass storage, USB WiFi, automatic loading of drivers... based on seife scripts)
- some additional, useful applets (blkid, ftpput, nc, pivot_root)

Neutrino SVN rev 1171
- movieplayer.start/end and pictureviewer.start/end scripts
- better support for OSCam in the infobar
- WLAN options in the network settings
- three lines of the description instead of one in the channel list window.

- preview
- softcam and cardserver start/stop/restart

Image will update your kernel.