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Thread: SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition Azbox

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    SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition Azbox

    SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition (Azbox-Cteck et9000-Dreambox-Vuduo)

    New Settings Loader Plugin
    With this plugin you can download Settings Directly from major settings creators,like Morpheus,Cyrus without lost your Dtt channel list
    Added possibility to install manual settings directly from zip/tar.gz/ipk file
    Many thanks to Morpheus883 and for joined the project. Other settings makers are welcome

    New Lcn Scanner Plugin
    Totally Rewritten
    Reorder channels with national lcn list
    Use it after a standard dtt scan on enigma2 service searching
    If you enable "Italy" option lcn scanner will order your channel better with categories divisor,(if you want this option for other country just send a correct lcn xml file )

    New SifPanel System
    Now you can personalize your panel like you want.Just add or remove the parameters that you use often.

    New Software Manager
    Now before installing plugin or skin,you can see a preview with some screenshoots

    New Default Black Skin (see screenshoots)

    Autodetect usb dtt Drivers (see forum for the list)

    Autodetect usb wifi drivers (see forum for the list) Fixed rt2870 \ rt3070 \ rtl8187l \

    Added Sm*rgo Support

    Many Thanks To :

    Skaman (Developer & Coder )

    Bobsilvio (Coder)

    Ipbox2008 (Coder)

    Margy82 (Skinner)

    Cus2k (Betatester)

    Barrett (Betatester)

    Katapip (Betatester)

    Morpheus883 (Settings Master Chief & Betatester)

    Raskino (Betaster)

    Ukiller_Bestia (Web Master and Server Manteiner)

    Theseven (Betaster)

    Tideglo (Cuberevo Drivers e2 Developer)

    Ngc1927 (Dgs Firmwares Developer)

    Genge (Manager)

    Biondo79 (Betatester)

    and all people that everyday support sifteam forum




    Fonte SIFTeam

    Stay Tuned !!

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    Απ: SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition Azbox

    SIF OpenEE Azbox Gecko 19/04/2011

    changelog :
    Enigma 2 Version: gecko-git20110603-r33
    Sif team thanks to dr_gogeta86
    2011-04-17 skaman
    * Increased video wizard timeout from 20 to 30 seconds
    2011-04-12 skaman
    * Test for fix recording on azbox
    2011-04-11 skaman
    * Fixed demux start pid on azbox
    2011-04-09 skaman
    * Fixed broken support in videomode for not azbox stb
    2011-04-02 skaman
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r40: Add missing variable in accel.h header file
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r39: Fix detection of the AC3 pid on some
    NorthAmerica channels, thx to everyone who tested
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r36: Removed #define
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r35: Added New Sigma BLIT function
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r32: Fix Radio Mode for Sigma CPU, sharing Video
    Decoder/STC clock now okey
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r31: add prebuffering and some other changes
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r29: AC3+ detection added
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r28: Added few more AC3 stream type values for
    detection ...
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r27: Start PCR pid even if it's
    timeshift/playing TS stream from file (PCR pid needed for Sigma to start
    automatically play/STC clocks).
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r26: Fix DMX_ADD_PID ioctl, now it's working for
    Sigma DVB driver
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r25: Added Ultra Model detection
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r24: Added Azbox receivers enums
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r23: Added Azbox box detection and demux device
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r22: Added tuner selection for Elite/Premium
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r20: fix in dvbtime
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r19: Setting DEMUX source on Audio/Video "fd"
    after open (it's not default mode on open in Sigma driver)
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r18: Changes in eTSMPEGDecoder::showSinglePic
    for Sigma
    2011-03-27 Bobsilvio
    * Fixed problem (first reboot) wlan with rt3070 and rt2870
    2011-03-15 skaman
    * Fixed customized panel miss load configuration on first boot
    2011-03-13 skaman
    * Updated about team
    * Added settings loader icon
    * Fixed missing converter HWName in
    * Added HWName converter
    2011-03-13 margy82
    * Added preview_board.png
    2011-03-12 margy82
    * Many fixes to default skin
    2011-03-12 skaman
    * Some keymap fix for et9000 and dm
    * Added customized remotes configurations for azbox and et9000
    2011-03-11 skaman
    * Added et9000 as configure option
    2011-03-10 skaman
    * Removed some tpm check
    2011-03-09 skaman
    * Fixed crash on infobar seek back/forward
    * Fixed videoselection "unknow button"
    2011-03-08 bobsilvio
    * Commented line in and added iface up in thanks to
    margy82 and bigroma
    2011-03-08 skaman
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r17: Added seek flag to seeking code for use
    with updated gstreamer dvbmediasinkaz. Sattommy
    * Added in
    * Added "Mediaset" epg patch (thanks to qboxhd)
    * Added video switch on green button
    2011-03-06 skaman
    * Enabled by default progress bar on service list
    * Fixed terrestrial snr handling
    * Fixed wlan detection if box is not dmm
    * Added hook in ServiceScan for LCN plugin
    * Completed LCN scan


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    SIF OpenEE Dm800se Gecko 20110528

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