Commando v14.2 Neutrino for the Dreambox 500s

Change log

Filenaming bug in CCcam support fixed

OSCcam support added and tested

Satsearching's new Keybinding Menu in Settings!! Visible by default now, this has the facility to remap the Volume Keys!!
important: If you decide to remap these keys, you MUST first disable the existing Subservices Up and Subservices Down Keys, by assigning both of these to Key = None

... Then set up your Volume -/+ keys as you want them, and finally the Subservices keys. You'll be using the L/R keys either side of the [OK] button, and the L/R keys either side of the [0] button, as per your own preferences. Mega-thanks to Satsearching for his brilliant work on this!

Another tidy-up in the locals, where we've changed menue to menu and canal to channel and stuff like that.

Big thanks to LraiZer for testing and reporting back on all our foul-ups, which have all been rectified for this new release.

Commando v14

Now with Usals and Rytec 2 day EPG

compiled from the UKCVS svn which includes fixes to the following

Scan Defaults to 28.2e, if you select another Sat it will save that as the last sat
Compatible driver for clones and Genuine DM500's

This image does not include any Cable support as cable is dead, but does fully support most of the normal Satellite requirements

as usual NO CAMS, KEYS, ROMS ,

all us neutrino users need now is for LraiZer to tweak the binary so it recognizes 256c png Picons).

With Thanks to LraiZer, PaphosAL, Satsearching, Scruff.

and to the Tuxbox boys for the work they have put into porting Neutrino to this fun box, (shame they seem to not continue development, or answer questions anymore)

THE PASSWORD is commando

pop CCcam into /var/bim/emu. select blue > extras menu > softcam menu, from there you can start the cam

( needs to be named "CCcam" )

New in Commando v14:

USALS (GOTO XX) diseqc support- thanks to Lraizer and Satsearching
Rytec 2 Day XML EPG - thanks to Lraizer
FastZap On-Off control in Driver/Boot Options
New head.ko Driver - thanks to LraiZer (support for alternative user driver to be loaded from /var/driver)
Softcam Status in softcam menu- again thanks to LraiZer
New boot logo - thanks to Satsearching
And, by popular demand, a retro blast from the past (2007 C9) is back. See if you notice it...
Top-secret Password is still commando
As usual- FTA Only - no keys nor cams. It's a rulez thing

AutoFS (CIFS mount tested) - Streaming - Tuxbox Commander - yWeb I/F - Lemmings - Pacman - Solitaire - Tetris - Vierg (Connect 4) - boot logo - Rytec 2 Day EPG with shellexec GUI - all this and more in C14!!

Despite the old Git's fetish with Free Space, we've enriched the new image with all these features, but have STILL maintained our world-beating 4.125MB megaMaxVar writeable JFFS2 var partition. So a typical user-customized C14 will provide something in the region of 3.3MB of Free Space!!

Anyone wishing to edit the SquashFS root partition with LraiZer's excellent Squazma Tools be warned: Your edited root must NOT exceed 2.752,512 bytes (0x2A0000h) in size!!