C-Band: How to in Europe by mrhardylima

A good C-band lnb from the shop titanium satellite costs 25 USD if im not in error. After it, people look at it like it was my case and stated the search with the help of natedogg (special thanks).

All LNB C-Band comes with:

-> LNB
-> Scalar Ring
-> Dielectric Plate

To mount the LNB Properly look at the following 2 Pictures:

After It Mounted, its time to mount on the dish:

Take a look and see that KU and C band Positions are mounted in different parts of the feedhorn.

Not all Decoders receive C-band properly. My Receiver is KAON-230 from 2007, it locked 27,5W With 125cm dish KU with 59/60% clear sky.

I read on the web some rumours about how to gain 10% on all c-band LNB. I think it is BS.

There is here alot of doubts everyone has cleared.

Thanks to mrhardylima