Peter Pan and the CCAM 2.21 Mgcamd1.35 Modify exclusive image

Major changes in the image

- change bots Lugo bbot another beautiful original quality
- Emo Alcescam merge in the heart of the new 2.2.1 is the second picture Mgcamd1.35 Emo interest to add the keys to those who want Bulsatcom
- Merge CCcam info for those who want to install the Emo Alcescam
- Merge Blogin info ECM
- Merge Blogin mosaic to see 9 channels at the same time
For those who want to show my ecm extra should be added that Wallis Fly
zap osd file time: two
CCcam.cfg file
- Merge recording Blogin Nagrab
- The proper functioning Blogin
- Teletex
- removing and changing the original Xline knife blade with some amendments
- Add language along with English and French literature, unfortunately, the picture does not agree with the Arabic language
- Translation Services automatically in French viewers French channels (Canal Sat)
- Add new satellites.xml file updated with the correct names of the SATELLITE
- Modify file times Timezone areas simply the most important countries to win more space
- Ability to change the form of a list by using the Help button
- Update karnel, where he became a quick Earning
can pass this picture







Orginal image ı DREAM UP end FLASHWIZARD

> Peter Pan 1.0 CCcam2.21 Skin Xline21.12.2010 by ali@sat©. <

> Peter Pan 1.0 Mgcamd 1.35 Skin Xline21.12.2010 by ali@sat© <