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    OpenDroid DM7020HD

    New OpenDroid 4.0 - DM7020HD

    DroidSat-Team Presenta New Images OpenDroid 4.0


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    Απ: OpenDroid DM7020HD

    New OpenDroid - 4.1 - DM7020HD


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    Δορυφορικοί Δεκτες:
    zero 4k uhd /gbquad HD /OS NINO PRO
    ΠΙΑΤΟ 1.23x1.32 / ΠΙΑΤΑ 2x -1.10x1.20/ 2x-Tecatel.1.10X1.20
    NECO 0,92x1,00

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    Re: OpenDroid DM7020HD

    OpenDroid 5.3

    As the title opendroid Team today began the development of dreambox images !
    Inform you that will be the Beta ! Not Test !
    We decided to start the development given the repeated request of users on this forum ! But we would like to clarify that opendroid -team has not shared these machines to test the Beta release , so we rely on you, the users , and to your respective Test , which will work to secure the release tomorrow of stable images for this brand !
    Opendroid - Team greetings

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    Re: OpenDroid DM7020HD

    OpenDroid 5.4

    The openDroid image Today is a brand new structure, Thank you all for the New Test !!!

    New: OpenDroid 5.4

    **developers Image openDroid**

    A special thanks to all the beta testers


    Porting e Mod Skin oDreamy:

    BootLogo and splash:

    Picon default:

    Beta Tester Spark:

    Very Thanks juvent!!!

    New:New!! OE-Core 3.3

    New:Bitbake: 1.27.1 to 1.29.0
    New:Compiler: GCC 4.9.2 on GCC 5.3.0
    New:Busybox: 1.23.2 to 1.24.1
    New:Python: 2.7.9 to 2.7.11
    Newpenssl: 1.0.2d on 1.0.2f
    Newpenssh 6.8p1 server on 7.1.p2
    Newpkg to
    New:Libcom 1.42.9 to 1.42.99
    New:mtd util 1.5.1 to 1.5.2
    New:libssl 1.0.2d on 1.0.2f
    New:libcdio12 0.82 to 0.93
    New:liborg 0.4.23 to 0.4.24
    Newam-plugin-group 1.1.6 to 1.2.1
    New:bluz5 5:32 to 5:37

    Enigma2: (New:structur 2016-03-26)
    Enigma2: Fixed and Update many file!!!
    Remove: CrossEPG download it from feed
    GStreamer: 1.7.1
    Fixed: Mkv file
    Fixed: MiniTV
    Improved graphics!
    New: bootlogo!
    New: splash
    New: Picon default
    New: Translate ITA
    New: Translate DE
    New: Translate EN
    New: Translate UK
    Local Feed Opendroid

    We thank the developers of the Opendroid image, Oe-Alliance and all betatesters for reports !.
    Special thanks goes to Mmark for Skins, Satinfo and formianodicastellone for porting and hack the skin oDreamy, robijay and gimsy for several graphic parts including Bootlogo and Splash, Vhannibal for AUTOSETTinG plugin, and all their coder
    NB: Not all third-party plug-ins have been tested and are guaranteed to be compatible
    NOTE: Because there is not any kind of official support for these Opendroid-team receivers will deploy custom images using only our addons server that mirrors the standard server Opendroid and that will allow for online updates when available.

    OpenDroid-Team-Not recommended to make On-Line software update !!!
    possibly use the image on flash

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    OpenDroid-6.0 Image Download

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