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  • Απ: New SatDreamGr Images 6

    SatDreamGr images update 2019-01-21

    OE Changes:

    git log --format=short --oneline --since=2019-01-05
    c19b0bc update octagon submodule
    8ef2de1 Add python-e2icjson recipe
    8489218 iptvsubparse: add missing source files
    bafa12a Add python-cjson recipe
    cdf8c2e e2iplayer: update summary
    21c19c1 update e2iplayer deps
    25358aa iptvplayer-deps: rename to e2iplayer
    07c8ffb add dab-cmdline for wav
    a3dce91 enigma2: use enigma2 day on multiboot
    78cbe85 update octagon submodule
    858054b update edision submodule
    38d283f update edision submodule
    f8f46ae livestreamersrv: remove livestreamer and add python-syslog
    6326cc4 update octagon submodule
    ae0778c satdreamgr-image: remove 3rd-party-feed-configs
    169908c sdgradio: add dab-cmdline-sdgradio-wav runtime dependency
    a7fc704 satdreamgr-extra-feeds: add satdreamgr-extra-
    23d8168 one more repo changed
    7f32ea2 gst-ifdsrc: update url
    c2eca01 gstplayer: update url
    1bb5f02 satdreamgr: preinstall blindscan to supported machines
    ea35759 update edision submodule
    95d7691 update octagon submodule
    452c249 add lcd4linux to feeds4all
    c4716df update edision submodule
    72988f8 update edision submodule
    5722197 Add restart e2 in debug in menu.xml
    Enigma2 Changes:

    git log --format=short --oneline --since=2019-01-05
    5f9503a fixed incorrect requires, thanks @ims21
    0498505 Add deep standby (suspend) LED functionality
    8c2ad81 unicable.xml: Also change the version date
    9880c5f Unicable.xls: add Televes dCSS LNB and MATRIX
    b9a41c7 Events item menu - fix helptexts
    2af18bc HDMI-CEC - fix for regard deep standby as standby - can be used only when hdmi-cec is enabled
    483b8f6 Standby: Cosmetics in Reason and Type for QuitMainLoop
    6e55505 Update Latvian translation
    9c975ea Change servicelist cursor behavior default to keep
    55dfdb1 ET7000/75000 use generic et7x00 images
    d3e879d Update hu.po (develop)
    4d248ec Fix german translations
    82a4d73 pmtparse: sanitize access to audio vector
    428acee removed tee, we need the exit code; default level back to 3
    011b3f8 fixed enigma debug functionality
    2884f3b Add default audio pid to "Stream" converter.
    ae5f0eb LT-2019-01-11
    cfbf801 When shutting down box also warn when client is streaming
    e734ccb MessageBox: Add sanity check
    d7a2f9e MessageBox: Add some code so skin can determine longest text in listbox
    03a42d3 Revert "FlashImage: Do not use simple Messagebox for Flashimage confirmation"
    29f98b4 FlashImage: Do not use simple Messagebox for Flashimage confirmation
    3ea1988 Speed up DHCP negotiation by smaller timeout
    ffdaf8a Merge branch 'rc' into 'develop'
    5cb48b8 disable ofgwrite for mutant hd60, thanks @Littlesat
    3f10149 ServiceInfo: Add sanity check
    bf7d18e StreamingClientsInfo: Remove some not required code
    697bbcf cs.po - update in date format
    8d5f16d cs.po - cosmetic
    f1221e4 Hotkey - added keys used for osmio4k rc:
    313dcb7 Satconfig: Remove more deadcode (#1954)
    b914da3 Define all variables used to save timer in TimerEntry
    1085d87 ParentalControl: Always reloadServiceList after blacklist was loaded
    7172b86 Multiboot: Add date of image to the 'imageslot'
    3422d04 Update Latvian translation
    92ca537 E4HD - updated skin_display.xml
    9dc275b [dev] lt.po from Agda 2019-01-05
    b4913c5 update cs.po
    b4b50eb UsageConfig.py: fix crash
    5c5a3cd Merge branch 'rc' into develop
    b829ff4 Remove "HasforceLNBOn"
    418acae Update sk.po

    Upgrade from enigma2 menu->setup->software managment->online update


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