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  • Απ: Ενημερώσεις των SatDreamGr 4.0 Images

    Νέα images SatDreamGr 2015-10-03

    -Όλες οι αλλαγές στο Openpli έως 02-10-2015

    Αλλαγές Satdreamgr

    1. Βελτιώσεις στο Satdreamgr-HD skin

    διαθέσιμα για κατέβασμα http://www.satdreamgr.com/forum/cmps...dreamgr-images

    -Αναβάθμιση image μέσα από το Enigma: Μενού -> Εγκατάσταση -> Διαχείριση λογισμικού -> Ενημέρωση λογισμικού .-

    New images SatDreamGr 2015-10-03

    Latest version includes all OpenPLi updates up to 02-10-2015

    Satdreamgr Changes

    1. Improvements at Satdreamgr-HD skin

    Download http://www.satdreamgr.com/forum/cmps...dreamgr-images


    Enigma2 Changelog:
    0e723a0 Correct falsly indicated remaining media storage
    510a94f servicemp3: ignore processing of the same tags messages
    799c69b add missing HddState.py
    ff81e97 [SessionGlobals] add session.HddSleepingState
    6f40d9f HardwareInfo.py: Streamline some code
    11e6a17 Partly revert e91afd9231289ed5eb897cff1e2799a6760f9715
    3439174 [About] fix commits name
    11f250d SystemInfo[WakeOnLAN] exclude et8000
    1a9e456 update ru.po
    9cb996f [NimManager] fix config '*userSatellitesList.value'
    4e7ec46 Update Turkish translation, by asiBenlik
    eb983db Solve the reported subtitle background issues.
    1ca57c1 Avoid GS when wlan driver has non-standard structure
    1791822 Update French translation, added preferred tuner translations. Thnx Pr2
    0e82099 'advanced priority tuner'  update
    951cd3e Ensure that no left lines will be leftover with srt subs
    99d7faf Small adjudgement for SRT subtitles when background is enabled.
    99a41be Update Latvian translation
    e91afd9 Add remote-control picture for Xsarius box
    f667661 Arrange more rome for QuickSuptitlesConfigMenu
    6887d00 Adjustment for srt subtitles in case of permanent background
    be372b2 add sanity check for str_service
    7987741 Small fix options 'advanced priority tuner'
    c94be8e Add option to show permanent background behing subtitles
    0f565a4 New options 'advanced priority tuner' by type tuners
    aea0450 [InfoBarPiP] add sanity check for self.servicelist
    233a38d picload: fix parsing the background color
    5b7aeb4 add SystemInfo["RcTypeChangable"]
    3ee8a83 [SystemInfo] VFD(delay/repeats) add an exception for et8500
    05195ad picload: try fix 8 bit input images
    6d0b4e2 Added HD1200 remote control
    f949825 Update French translation, Added translation for: Auto EXIF Orientation rotation/flipping Thnx Pr2.
    7420d3c picload: fix background border filling of 8 bit input images
    2fd548a picload: separate function to determine image file type
    824eb27 picload: remove resizePic declaration from picload.h
    9431d1a Adapted the == to is
    7fe55bc Read image status from /status/ instead of /status
    d55cdb5 Some improvemnts on previous DVD-player patch.
    b65bb73 Removed the not needed commented code
    a1fddde Adding last_selected_destination as bookmark not needed.
    44b1877 DVDplayer plugin not always went away when a dvd is removed.
    9e29fc1 picload: cleanup unused resize functions
    cf0daee picload: updates to thumbnail EXIF handling
    e04b4e0 picload: improve png convert to RGB setup
    edc353d picload: let getExif() support retrieving thumbnail data
    76d5f29 picload: force gif to RGB format for thumbnails
    8593fa3 picload: fix reading interlaced gif images
    f89cebb picload: force png to RGB format for thumbnails
    702082f picload: avoid crash when no EXIF info is available
    871538b picload: fix backround filling
    29af50e Fix for USALS-selecting-satellites bug(part 2)
    548e460 update Russian locale
    f4d156b picload: do not crash on resizing 8-bit thumb images
    a98d142 Screens/TimerEntry: Use time() not time.time()
    8db90a8 Drop support for DVB_API version 1, and properly check version
    4df4f9d Update Latvian translation
    6bb792d Wrappers: Use GLib base64 functions
    7d9fdae PicturePlayer: add auto EXIT orientation support
    e838be6 Picload: support exif orientation tag
    079c1e1 Add dub(Dublado) to portuguese audio_language_choices
    5e3cbd4 picload: small getInfo() correction
    bb128e5 picload: get exif data in global structure
    354e0db picload: update scale calculation for loading jpg
    427b59d PicturePlayer: add setup menu to Pic_Full_view using menu key
    4ab4acb Fix for USALS-selecting-satellites bug.
    15599a7 Fix default title translation parsing in Console
    8f9f5ec lib/gdi/picload.cpp: Fix build fail on typedef boolean and TRUE
    90a938d add ciplushelper interface
    ddaaf38 Update Russian locale
    42635f0 Update for Slovenian language
    ab6af70 some cleanup - all empty comments removed from the pl.po file.
    6f5f303 Latest norwegian bokmal translation with the new strings, by Andy1
    77f5b5b Revert "picload: refactor filling surface data"
    562d443 Updated slovak translation, thnx Janda
    12c5ec1 Update French translations : add new strings by Pr2
    544c9e0 PliExtraInfo: Avoid possible GSOD with ServiceInfo
    9e2dc00 picload: refactor filling surface data
    0743ca5 MessageBox: make title string translatable
    1e4dfab Fix title translation parsing in InputBox and LocationBox
    38a9b61 Add option to install (dutch) cable settingslist using the installwizard..
    a85a0c2 Restore deleted in Latvian translation
    8640670 tiny update Dutch translations
    dd86c52 Language pot file renewal. Removed all obsolete translations
    20ee334 fr language update by Pr2
    11c2fe9 Update all po/language files
    14c817d po Makefile: force .pot file to have UTF-8 charset
    9797d03 xml2po.py: support non-ascii characters (UTF-8)
    834ec7a Another french translation, add missing string + some small improvements by Pr2, thanks again :)
    cd5505a Set default channellist to 19e-23e in the installwizard....
    476863d the latest norwegian bokmal with updated strings, done by andy1.
    13bf3e4 Set oscam as default softcam.
    9d6d63c Another update for the dutch translation......
    49d9d5e Update Dutch translations...
    796faac Add oscam emu to installwizzard
    9da92d2 Update Dutch translations
    20f00b5 servicedvd: refactor code a bit and avoid open file
    ebf3237 servicedvd: cosmetic
    b510f5d Update Latvian translation
    dfc3379 Show paperclip in name area when not enough room in number area.
    e98617d Update Hellenic Translation
    13b1cd0 Update French translations, by Pr2
    da1335b Still some dvd's did not resume quit ok. Now they do  Thank's to Taapat a typo in my code was found.  Correctif patch have been applied.  Unfortunately after this some dvd's did not resume anymore.  Here the correct modified code.  Now the user can for the majority off dvd's even request during full play the dvd menu.  Change an audio or sub setting and press resume (if avbl) dvd.  The dvd will resume where You where and with the new settings .
    d660d7c servicedvd: fix assigning value to m_resume in seekTo
    6b1145e Changed location for dvd if media location not writable.  I just adapted the location off cuts file if the media location is not writable.  Now in this case the dvd cuts files will be set in /home/root/.dvdcuts .
    9b1d333 Resume dvd file now also in media location for iso files  Now also the dvd iso files will be kept in path ,  where media is located.  If the location is not writable the dvd resume file,  will be set in /home/root patch on stb self.
    083af78 Correction on previous patch  read m_cue_pts = pos
    16ffde0 Resume dvd -15 seconds  To mis nothing of the dvd when resuming  I added -15 seconds up on resume
    6456321 Fix conflict timers (step 7)
    67fabe4 Still some dvd did not resumed.  With this last adaptation all dvd's can resume
    8ab5039 Fix conflict timers (step 6)
    7b6edb9 Enable resume support for all dvd's.  Some dvd do resume straight ahead others not.  For dvd's who are not resuming as long the dvd is not  braught into play state trough menu,  A key will be send so that the dvd will resume.  If You selcted yes. The dvd will resume ,  after that you start play off dvd trough menu.
    c5fa15b Do not save or keep empty dvd cuts file.
    e4f8304 Revert Do not show resume notification when playing a DVD image
    7b2535c Fix conflict timers (step 5)
    035a34f Fix conflict timers (step 4)
    81db4f2 Fix conflict timers (step 3)
    ccf03f1 Remove TPM
    64967e2 Fix conflict timers (step 2)
    07896d2 Fix conflict timers (step 1)
    8e606dc Update French translation : Latest string translated. Thnx Pr2
    9bc746c Let the blacklist decide which services should be hidden
    40f2071 servicedvd: cosmetics
    84c314d Do not show resume notification when playing a DVD image
    a2510fa DVD: Solve chapter zap by number
    9a6df5f Add eStaticServiceDVDInfo
    8a597f1 Add option to set/unset selection enabled for configLists
    3954122 Components/opkg: Fix the default location for feed lists
    8e07cf9 Components/opkg.py: Fix listsDirPath() which never worked
    d3268f9 Fix readTerrestrials broken with 4a2fd0ee
    24b86ac AudioSelection: do not get audio info twice
    f79ed29 servicedvd: cosmetics. eDebug updates
    4a2fd0e Remove libxmlccwrap and use directly libxml2
    8830e39 Hotkey: Add function 'do nothing'.
    f823f8e Add AIT pid (if any) to recordings
    OE-Core Changelog:
    e979d0a Update Xsarius bsp
    d3b9841 Update xsarius bsp
    11f151c Update Hans Settings to Sep 22 2015
    06edb80 Set oscam to rev10998
    b97e6b3 Update Hans settings sep 21 2015
    26aa6f8 removed whitespace :(
    9e2720c Rename meta-dags into meta-xsarius
    ac45048 Pushed oscam to rev10997 Switching to nagra layer still seems to fail for ET-7500 and ET-8500, users affected should enable deprecated on the reader as a workaround!
    2483b9e dags BSP: cleanup last remainings.
    53fd794 change meta-dags to meta-xsarius
    726ccc6 add meta-dags submodule to the Makefile
    00d9a22 Added submodule for hdfusion
    8deb62c meta-vuplus: update bsp
    98f1bcd Changed hotplug-e2-helper.bb to last revision.
    a26f413 meta-xtrend: Update BSP
    bbff1ab meta-vuplus: update bsp
    f989bff xtrend: update bsp
    5f7de18 update Hanssettings sept 7 2015
    e2b0279 [OpenWebif] replace file remote control for dm8000
    04150e1 mut@nt: update bsp
    ba2215b LCD4Linux: Fix audio track issue properly.
    141c39d Install 'moviecut' plugin by default
    67cdfaa enigma2-plugin-extensions-lcd4linux: Fix pointless loop and a few recipe fixes
    73ca02e cosmetic update for Henksat-ziggo (cable) settings.
    02f19a3 Example used in oscam.server didn't show the correct info
    39caf94 push oscam to rev10957, dvbapi and other small improvements......
    a1ba763 update oscam to rev10954
    afd97e7 Don't add tpmd into images because TPM was removed from enigma2
    ecb6d1c add an example for an internal server connection, to oscam.server configuration file
    6a7a345 mut@nt: update bsp
    460ff3b Add exfat support to feed
    a4fe62f Remove obsolete linux-libc-headers recipes
    0714fb7 Revert "tuxbox-common: Pin release 373 to prevent build failure on sourceforge being offline"
    fe56aae enigma2-plugin-extensions-youtube: Fix src files path
    40ba1fc Add enigma2-plugin-extensions-youtube (plugin by Taapat)
    6601acf libdreamdvd: bump to latest version
    9c82456 Remove libxmlccwrap, obsolete and no longer required for Enigma2
    69ee334 Updated HansSettings 2015 July 31 (hopefully now without overwriting other stuff :-)
    53d9844 Revert "Updated HansSettings 2015 July 31" I might have been 'out off sync' This reverts commit 0a50d75efbf0eca83023976ec46e9a2065f0ef46.
    0a50d75 Updated HansSettings 2015 July 31
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