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  1. AAF Enigma2 MultiMedia Edition VU+ Solo
  2. SifTeam image Vu Solo
  3. Power of Dream HD+ Image for Vu+Solo
  4. back up image for Vu+ Solo
  5. Official Image Vu+ Solo
  6. VIX Team Vu+ Solo Image
  7. VTi Vu+ Team Solo Image
  8. BlackHole image Vu+ Solo
  9. Cubic e2 Image experimental Vu Solo
  10. Powerboard PB Image Vu solo
  11. OpenPLi beta Vu + Solo
  12. DreamboxUK Vu Solo image
  13. New Open Source Server is Now Runnig VU+ Solo
  14. Black Hole Vu+ Solo 1.7.1 Server Tuner
  15. OpenPli για τον Vu+ Solo
  16. Vu+ Open Source Update image για τον Vu+ Solo
  17. HDFreaks-Teamimage Vu Solo
  18. Cubic 1.2.0 für VU+ Solo
  19. ItalySat Image for Vu Solo
  20. Persian Empire Enigma2 Image Vu solo
  21. Black Hole 1.7.8 Greek backup image by Kalemis for Vu+ Solo
  22. vu+solo clone 3.2
  23. vu solo clone?
  24. cloud ibox
  25. OpenPLi 4.0 by MastaG with IPTV (1200+ FREE IPTV Channels) for VU+ Ferrari Solo
  26. Vu+ Solo Pro image