Open AZBox MOD Team proudly presents

OpenAZBox PLi MOD HD Prerelease

Enigma 2 of August 10. 2012

Drivers of August 10. 2012

Kernel of August 9. 2012

To install this image please be sure that you are using AZUp 2.2.4

This is the first Open AZBox MOD Image for AZBox HD Elite, Premium, Premium+ and Ultra which is running on new 3.4.4 Kernel. Open AZBox MOD Images are fully based on OpenPLi 2.1 Enigma 2 Opensource Project.

You can expect more features in the future that include support for blindscan and USB DVB-T tuners, as we have reached the same level as with new AZBox receivers, thus making all AZBox HD devices run on a new kernel.

This image includes all latest changes from OpenPLi team.

Please test it, use it and give us your feedback.
We would appreciate if you skip questions like 'when will something be supported or added in image'' - we are working day to day in order to put as much as possible features in E2 and kernel.

Keep in mind that some of your 'findings' will not be treated as bugs - some users posted about video scalling options, but we already know about that and due work is in progress, so sooner or later it will be added, don't worry.

We are also working on AZPlayer for all models, and you can expect it at soon. For now there is Enigma 2 Media Player which you can locate by Menu -> Plugins -> Media Player

Download package include:

BackToOfficial, OfficialToE2, AZUp 2.2.4 Setup and patch.e2 (Open AZBox MOD HD Prerelease).