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    EPG Update & Restore Version 0.4 für OE1.6

    EPG Update & Restore Version 0.4 für OE1.6

    I put the plugin object to awaken.
    Alterations to vorgänder are:
    - Instead of the cloud SkyDrive is now used Dropbox (Has automation reasons)
    - The data are now collected daily at 3.00 clock (. But overdoing it is not updated with the Do not know whether it was joy dropbox)
    - Are collected in the new EPGdaten by:
    - xepgdb_rytec_uk_xmltv__xepgdb_repacked_
    - xepgdb_rytec_uk_bbci_xmltv__xepgdb_repacked_
    - xepgdb_rytec_spain_xmltv__xepgdb_repacked_
    - xepgdb_rytec_poland_xmltv__xepgdb_repacked_
    - xepgdb_rytec_norway_xmltv__xepgdb_repacked_
    - xepgdb_rytec_italy_xmltv__xepgdb_repacked_
    - xepgdb_rytec_france_xmltv__xepgdb_repacked_
    - xepgdb_rytec_erotic_xmltv__xepgdb_repacked_
    - xepgdb_rytec_germany_austria_swiss_xmltv__xepgdb_r epacked_
    - Could any new provider to add :-)
    - Benütze no EPG Refresh. So, only the EPG data which provides me with the CrossEPG plugin (Has automation reasons)
    - Data is not tested. If everything goes by script. If the box once hung on restart, the file must epg.dat be deleted manually.

    What stays the same?
    - The plugin is open source and we remain ever

    thx @ isnagut

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