Spaze Millennium 1.1 AZbox ME


- Last kernel 2.6.22.
- Last Drivers.
- Wifi fix.
- Updated spzDownloads.
- Added plugin Cronmanager.
- Added new timesleep.
- Added fix on recordings with AZbox not premium+.
- Added plugin spzWeather.
- Added plugin spzRSS.
- Added plugin spzZapHistory.
- Added plugin spzVirtualKeyboard.
- Added plugin AZFrontPanel.
- Added EPG Freesat.
- Fix .ts files on MediaCenter.
- Fix MediaCenter finishing videos.
- Fix MediaCenter deleting files without permissions.
- Other corrections on Skin y E2.
- Fix bug in spzIMDB
- Fix bug in NetworkBrowser

IMPORTANT: For your own safety, we strongly recomend to change the default password on your AZbox and don´t open ports in your router if this is not necesary. Also, we recomend use https protocol in Web Interface.


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