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    Lightbulb How to make own Greek mod image for Vu+ and Dreamboxes

    some friends ask me who to make Greek mod images

    so i give here my quide

    What we need:

    1.E2 LSK Plugin or Tspanel latest version

    2. atachment files
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    Thanks to all the authors for all the usefull plugins :

    1)mcelliot_g for :

    a)VME v8.0 code full Greek

    b)enigma2 mo file

    c)HandelGotDBol file


    2)GSF Team for enigma2 GSF Subtitles Downloader v1.6.0(Latest v1.6.0) for OE 1.6

    3)Sat Dream Gr Team for plugins:

    a)newmenu_4.2 with nova program quide


    c)Foreca gr

    d)and Vti panel translate

    4)LinuxSK for E2 LSK Plugin

    5) mfaraj57 for Tspanel

    1. Flash basic image

    2. Install E2 LSK Plugin or Tspanel

    3. with DCC replase my atachment files


    enigma2 mo



    now reboot your box

    4. now we install from E2 LSK Plugin or Tspanel

    all from Greek extra folder not install only subtitle downloader

    is for pli images because not work Drtic plugin in that images

    Note for GSF Subtitles Downloader:

    go to plugin menu :

    a.updates/Update the subtitles list

    b. Drtic/download Drtic

    5. now we go :


    and we turn to +2 hours Athens

    b) menu/setup/system/Language

    and we turn to Greek

    6. mount your HDD or your Usb if it is not mounted

    7.take your backup

    Enjoy your Greek mod Image

    Have fun sat gr

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    Απ: How to make own Greek mod image for Vu+ and Dreamboxes

    καλύτερα να χρησιμοποιήσετε το Νew Menu γι' αυτόν τον οδηγό γιατί σε αυτό θα βρείτε όλα τα νεότερα Ελληνικά πρόσθετα

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