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    Format factory

    format factory Version 2.90

    V2.90 2012.01.20
    1 Update ffdshow,Haali codecs to latest version.
    2 Fixed some bugs of codecs installation
    3 Fixed some bugs of "MUX"
    4 Add install and uninstall system context mmenu features to advanced option.

    V2.80 2011.12.05
    1 Video Files support multi-thread conversion
    2 Picture Files support multi-thread conversion
    3 Added output folder selection on accept file dialog.
    4 Fixed aspect problem of "All to GIF"

    V2.70 2011.06.17
    1 Added right button menu item to invoke Format Factory.Now you can use it to convert and view info of media files.
    2 Fixed the profiles of iPad,PSP that fail to be played.
    3 Fixed bugs in Mux.
    4 Update codecs to MediaInfo 0.7.44,ffdshow rev3882,Haali

    V2.60 2010.11.4
    1 Improve "Mux",Now supports multiple video and audio files.
    2 Fixed the compatibility issue MP4 files.
    3 Improve "Drag and Drop" , now supports drag folder object into user interface

    V2.50 2010.8.17
    1 Improve DVD Rip,Now supports DVD to RMVB.
    2 Fix an issue with "All tom RMVB" about split video.
    3 Fix an issue about conflict with Vista,Windows7 Areo effect.
    4 Added RMVB output type in video joiner.
    5 Improve video size calculation , you can input "auto" instead of width or height.

    V2.45 2010.7.9
    1 Fix a problem that AVC MP4 can't be played correctly in version 2.40
    2 Added the option whether install FormatFactory inside codecs to system.

    V2.40 2010.07.01
    1 Fix the problem of Apple's MP4 time is twice as long as the original.
    2 Improve the configuration of "All to Picture",now it can be saved as "All to Custom".
    3 Added several profiles of some latest devices.
    4 Fix a bug that fail to clip video when adding watermark.

    V2.30 2010.04.01
    1 Fixed compatibility issues of codecs on Windows 7 UAC.
    2 Fixed bug of watermark.
    3 Added "Cancel" Button on several places that needed waiting.
    4 Added "Language select page" in menu.
    5 Added several new language files.

    V2.20 2009.11.26
    1 Added MIDI to MP3,WMA,and others.
    2 Added more media muxing output types.
    3 Added "Custom" output type to "Video Joiner".
    4 Adjust Bitrate of "High quality and size" profile.
    5 Improve the accuracy of media file splitting

    V2.15 2009.10.15
    1 Fixed some problems of "Fail to decode"
    2 Fixed some decoder conflict
    3 Fixed some problems of MKV convertion
    4 Added some codecs to support more media file types

    V2.10 2009.8.18
    1 Added "All to Custom"
    2 Added "Watermark", support png,bmp,jpg
    3 Added "Mux"
    4 Added "Video Crop"
    5 Fixed AV sync of some wmv files.
    6 Fixed problem of ffdshow filter installation

    V2.00 2009.7.9
    1 Added "All to RMVB"
    2 Added "Audio Joiner"
    3 Added "AviSynth" to support AVS script and SSA effect.
    4 Fixed bugs of missing MP3,WMA tag info.
    5 Fixed bugs of MOV convertion.
    6 Fixed problem of selecting MKV audio stream.
    7 Added new 2 language files.
    8 Fixed error H264 level of IPod,Zune Mobile Device.

    V1.90 2009.6.2
    1 Added "All to GIF",supports video files to GIF
    2 Added selecting Audio and subtitle stream of MKV.
    3 Adjust Video aspect ratio calculating.
    4 Fixed bugs of "video merge"
    5 Added some profiles of mobile devices.

    V1.85 2009.4.25
    1 Added Volume control in video setting.
    2 Added Audio stream index control in video setting.
    3 Adjust Video aspect ratio calculating.
    4 Fixed Fail to shut off PC after conversion.
    5 Fixed show "FFMpeg.dll missing" when audio conversion.
    6 Fixed Fail to get CD info from
    7 Added 2 language files to support up to 47 kinds of languages.
    8 Added some profiles of HTC Mobile devices.
    9 Added "All to WavPack"

    V1.80 2009.3.23
    1 Added "All to MKV".
    2 Added H264,DIVX,XVID codec advanced configuration.
    3 Added supporting of H264,DIVX,XVID 2 pass encoding.
    4 Added Video,Audio file's split and preview function.
    5 Generate THM files automatically after PSP MP4 converted.
    6 Fixed WMA encoding problem.
    7 Added several language files to support up to 45 kinds of languages.
    8 Fixed some problems of video merging.
    9 Improved DVD Ripper function.
    10 Added aspect ratio of the video file configuration settings.

    V1.70 2009.1.23
    1 Fixed bug: Audio out of sync.
    2 Fixed bug: Fail to resample 5.1 channels to stereo
    3 Fixed bug: correct XVID codec's FourCC.
    4 Added new function: "Video Merger".
    5 Added new function: "All to FLAC".
    6 Added Lithuanian , Basque language files
    7 Added subtitle font preview.

    V1.65 2008.12.8
    1 Fixed bug: "codec exception" when decode wma stream.
    2 Fixed bug: some error of rmvb decoder.
    3 Fixed bug: a error about when video aspect conversion.
    4 Added Albanian , Galician Language files.

    V1.61 2008.11.24
    1 Fixed bug: a error about fail to run FormatFactory.
    2 Fixed bug: Xvid is very slow.
    3 Fixed bug: some dup frames cause conversion dead loop.
    4 Fixed bug: some movie files use PCM8 have no sound after conversion.
    5 Added AMR_WB audio codec of 3GP

    V1.60 2008.11.13
    1 Fixed bug: a green line appear in the output video files.
    2 Fixed bug: audio conversion errors.
    3 Fixed bug: "All to MPG" can't be played by Window Media Player.
    4 Fixed bug: Convert video files with SRT subtitle
    5 Added "All to MOV"
    6 Added "Serbian-Latin" , "Croatian" , "Norwegian" Language
    7 Adjust default bitrate of All to MP4/AVi.

    V1.55 2008.10.15
    1 Added Multi-CPUs supporting for H264,MPEG4(DIVX),XVID.
    2 Fixed bug : some problems of A/V sync.
    3 Fixed bug : DVD to Video File couldn't convert DVD folder when path name contains "space".
    4 Added "All to M4R" (iPhone ringtones).
    5 Added "Music CD to Audio File"
    6 Added options,"Output to source file folder","Append setting name".
    7 Added convert video file with "SRT" subtitle file.

    V1.48 2008.9.5
    1 Fixed bug that couldn't add source files under Win2000
    2 Fixed bug of "All to JPG" that cause output gray.
    3 Added "All to MP2" method.
    4 Added video conversion option "5.1 Stereo".
    5 Added video conversion option "Source Audio Channel Select"
    6 Added Bulgarian Language file.
    7 Added more "Bitrate" options of "All to MP3".
    8 Fixed some internal error.

    V1.45 2008.8.19
    1 Added "Azerbaijani","Ukrainian","Vietnamese" Language files.
    2 Added "Custom" options saving.
    3 Fixed bug of "All to MPG" aspect.
    4 Remove popuping internel connect dialog while FormatFactory starting.

    V1.42 2008.8.10
    1 Added "Korean","Arabic" Language files.
    2 Added iPod , Zune MP4 conversion method.
    3 Added "Pause" function while converting.
    4 Fixed bug of "All to MPG" aspect.

    V1.40 2008.7.29
    1 Added several options of audio and video converting.
    Such as "Start Time" , "Duration" , "Keep Aspect" , "Disable Audio" ....
    Now you can use it to segregate video and audio files.
    2 Audio converting supports video source files , now you can convert mp4/wmv/flv/mpeg/ to mp3.
    3 Improve "DVD to Video File" , provide title and audio stream selection.
    4 Added "Finnish","Turkish","Swedish","Hebrew","Hindi-India","Polish" language supporting.
    5 Added 4 User Interface skins: Aqua , Luna Blue , Obsidian and Silver.
    6 Fixed some bugs of "All to WAV".
    7 Fixed some bugs of picture converting.

    V1.32 2008.7.9
    1 Added new converting method "All to MMF".
    2 Added new converting method "All to AMR".
    3 Adjuct default profiles of "All to 3GP"
    4 "DVD to Video file" supports Title selecting.
    5 Fix bug of installt process that create "Format Factory" empty folder

    V1.31 2008.7.8
    1 Added new language files: Dutch,French,German,Italian,Japanese,Romanian,Turkish
    2 Fix bug of "wav to other audio format.

    V1.30 2008.7.2
    1 Fix some bugs of "All to MPG".
    2 Added new converting method "All to WMV".
    3 Added new converting method "All to SWF".
    4 Added new converting method "DVD/CD to ISO/CSO".
    5 Added new converting method "ISO <--> CSO".
    6 "DVD to Video File" supports more video types, "3GP,WMV,SWF".
    7 Added new language files : Portuguese , Spanish.

    1 Fix some bugs of audio option
    2 Modify GUI to support unicode
    3 added Russian Traditional Chinese language file

    1 FormatFactory become freeware
    2 Fix bug of 3GP's audio AMR decode
    3 Fix dead lock when converting

    1 Fix bug of "RMVB to 3GP"
    2 Added some profiles about PSP,iPhone,MP4
    3 Added start page logo

    1 Modify FormatFactory GUI
    2 Added file type icon

    V1.00 2008.03.01
    FormatFactory is coming

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    Απ: Format factory

    format factory new version 3.3.1

    List of Version 3.3.1 changes

    1 Fixed wrong IDV3 tag.
    2 Fixed problem about "Error while decoding frame!".
    3 Added supporting of DTS wave.
    4 Updated some codecs.

    update history

    About ESET report virus
    These files are adware of FormatFactory's sponsors.

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