Image ruDREAM b110-dm500s_CCcam 2.3.0_SKIN G2_Mod KAMINERO Orbit

Last updated strongest image for Dreambox DM 500 s on 23/12/2011

Old Russian ruDREAM wonderful and non-free

Clearly the best picture for me ...

Pallaimo new CCcam 2.3.0 after the changes, and the script to suit his image

And thus became the projectile is in Alcheringa

I change the original orbit G2 beautiful knife

In addition Allghfrensé in English only

Because the image does not support Arabic

And many additions

Heart of the image and enter the list Alblogin: 2x yellow button

You can also add what you need from them Pluzinat Kmthela CCcam-info ... etc.

Altkperfi font size to be more visible

Here are some of saccharin and shot:

Lugo bot:

NOTE: After you download and decrypt the pressure and get the image file and the file CCcam.ppc dcc / ftp is sent to the var / bin chmod 755 all files with the work that other emo combined center of the image.

Please accept my greetings ...


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