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    Thumbs up BackupSuite

    BackupSuite version 7.0

    And yet another new version, version 7.0. This time some corrections in the languagefile(s) and an new translation, French! (Thanks Demosat!) It could be that some é è á ü etc leters are still missing because of the first versions a wrong code was used and the special character got lost in translation.

    If there are persons who want to add another language feel free, in the folder locale is a .po file with the name Default.po, this file can be used to add a language. The file can be edited by any texteditor or with the program Poedit which can make a translated file (.mo) Poedit can be found at: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    I also forgot to thank Biki3 and Bonsai Baum for their German translations.

    The new version is attached at the end of this message.

    Here are some screens from the French version

    BackupSuite version 7.1

    Here is a new version of the BackupSuite. The only changes compared with the 7.0 version is the addition of a new language-file. The Russian language is added thanks to Odyssey (not sure if he is on this forum but nevertheless Thanks!)

    The supported languages are now: English (default), German, French, Dutch and Russian.
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    Απ: BackupSuite

    BackupSuite v7.2 Multilingual (En-De-NL-Fr-Ru)

    Description by Pedro_Newbie:

    (Deutsche Beschreibung weiter nach Unten/German description: scroll down)

    Well here's the first new version of the BackupSuite using the new concept. The code needs to be cleaned up because it was a bitch to get it working properly, but it shouldn't influence the working.
    Some (important) things to know:
    - first remove the old version, this could normally done by:
    (Box on English) Menu -> Plugins -> Red Button Remove Plugins -> SystemPlugins -> BackupSuite <language>
    (Box on German) Menu -> Erweiterungen -> Roten Knopf Plugins entfernen -> SystemPlugins -> BackupSuite <sprache>

    If this shouldn't work you could try by telnet with the command:
    opkg remove "eni gma2-plugin-systemplugins-backupsuite*" --force-removal-of-dependent-packages
    opkg remove "eni gma2-plugin-systemplugins-backupsuite*" --autoremove

    You could check on the receiver if the folders are gone, they where normally situated in
    /usr/lib/eni gma2/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins/Combi-HDD-Backup/ and
    /usr/lib/eni gma2/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins/Combi-USB-Backup/
    these 2 folders should be gone

    EDIT: After removing the old package, please restart the receiver with restart eni gma2

    - the new folders for the BackupSuite are situated in:
    /usr/lib/eni gma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/BackupSuite-HDD/ and
    /usr/lib/eni gma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/BackupSuite-USB/

    - there is only one package namely BackupSuite (eni gma2-plugins-extensions-backupsuite_<version>, at the moment 6.7), there are no different language versions any more, it is an all in one package.

    Please feel free to try this version and I'm open for suggestions about the German translation, changes are that this still needs some attention.

    One last word, this version also needs a working internet-connection to fetch the needed files such as mkfs.ubifs

    (of course where I write eni gma2 I mean the word without the space in between

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    Thumbs up Απ: BackupSuite

    Aυτό το εργαλείο είναι για να μπορέσετε να πάρετε ένα αντίγραφο ασφαλείας (backup) ολόκληρο το image από τον δέκτη σας

    δουλεύει σχεδόν σε όλους τους Enigma2 δέκτες και όχι μόνο σε Pli

    BackupSuite 11.0



    Changed in version 11.0 compared to 10.9
    - Added extended loging in /tmp in the file BackupSuite.log. This should enable me to give better support in case of problems, pinpointing the process which is causing errors should be made easier.
    Version 9.8 OpenPLi 2.1


    Changed in version 9.8

    Very minor code changes and added support for upper-and lowercase recognition of the (part of the) file name for the direct-to-USB back-up. Sun backup drive is now so a valid name, upper and lower case can be mixed.
    This version is not online in the feed, this will probably be the very last version intended voor OpenPLi 02.01
    There is already a version 10.1 in the feed for OpenPLi 3.0 (and 3.0 OpenPLi ONLY). If you have 9.7 installed and it is working well there is no need to update to 9.8
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    Απ: BackupSuite

    Plugin-automatic-full backup

    version 2.1
    - added the support for the VU+ Solo2 and the Maxdigital XP1000
    Thanks Pedro_Newbie

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    Απ: BackupSuite


    Changed in version 11.9
    - Changed the handling for VU+ models a tiny bit
    - Added GNU General Public License

    Again for Openpli 3.0
    Please don't try to use this version in the "older" images 2.1, the used programs/versions are not compatible

    Thx @Pedro_Newbie

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    Απ: BackupSuite

    Plugin-automatic-full backup

    version 2.2

    -Fixed a small bug,sorri

    tx.Pedro_newbie.tx.dima73 post file.

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    Απ: BackupSuite

    Backupsuite 12.0

    new update.tx.pedro_newebie

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    Απ: BackupSuite

    Automatic Full backUP v2.5

    version 2.4

    -added option restore backup(developer betacentauri)

    -added option choice days for create automatic backup

    -added option "Behaviour in deep standby"(disabled/wake up for backup/*wake up and shutdown after backup)
    *your receiver is turned on, goes into standby mode, create backup and goes into deep standby mode after 15 minutes if it is in standby mode.

    -**added option create backup in device(yes/no) at automount USB device

    **needs create file *(any name).fbackup in USB device
    ver. 2.5
    Fix automatic reboot after flashing.
    Needs to be tested.
    P.S.although it worked before.
    Thx Dima73


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    Απ: BackupSuite

    version 2.6b

    support PLi 4.0 (thx Pedro_Newbie)
    DE locale (thx Biki3)

    Thx Dima73

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    Απ: BackupSuite

    version 2.7

    -small bug fix
    Thx Dima73

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