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    Thumbs up LSK Plugin

    Here is LSK Plugin

    this plugin read LSK addons server and have more images tools

    is for Vu plus and Dreambox enigma2 boxes

    this plugin created by LinuxSK

    thanks my friend for your hard work

    extract atachment file send it to tmp folder by your favorite ftp program

    and send this by telnet

    opkg install /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-lskplugin_v2.0-r001_mipsel_all
    Also you can download it and from Tspanel / LSK Addons server /Blue panels

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    Απ: LSK Plugin

    Update Avaible R003

    PHP Code:
    [+] Menu Utils
    [+] Cam Manager
    [+] Crond Manager Utils
    [+] Backup Manager 

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    Thumbs up Απ: LSK Plugin

    πώς και δεν υπάρχει η τελευταία version εδώ

    εδώ είναι λοιπόν το lskplugin_v2.0-r006_mipsel_all.ipk

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