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    Pannello DTT Italysat x Tutte le IMG Vu + Duo - Vusolo

    Pannello DTT Italysat x Tutte le IMG xVu + Duo - Vusolo

    Here is the first public beta for version 0.5:

    Vuplus: Vu + Duo - Vusolo

    The plugin allows the downloading and subsequent activation of DTT USB sticks

    There are currently pens most important, but it continues with each passing day will put the rest of the pens.

    downloads/vu plus/plugins

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    Λατρεμένο πρόσθετο, ειδικά αν δουλεύεις με oozoon/experimental σου εγκαθιστά το στικάκι με μερικά πατήματα του τηλεχειριστηρίου! s.a.l.u.t

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