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    MaZ ver. 3.2 Manager for AzboxHD

    MaZ ver. 3.2

    Manager for AzboxHD by morser

    - Fixed problem with downloads of 16 º E KOS
    - Added Brazilian Portuguese language, thanks segroll.
    - Modified the Catalan language by pe.tardo last, thanks.
    - Modified the Italian language by Dr. Who last sent, thanks.
    - Fixed problem with lists of suppliers for 5209 firmwares on. This was not a problem of maize but the conversion of the channel lists version 9 to version 10 that made the firmware, now send the list from Maz, if you have a firm upper 5209 or send the list with the number from version 10 for the firmware does not change.
    - Made changes to use the lists of Premium A + with a tuner other than the SAT.

    The changes I have made ​​fast and have not tried a lot, especially the issue of Premium + because I have an Elite and I can not prove anything and now I have also since E2, so if you see something strange what you say.


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    MaZ ver. 3.2

    Manager for AzboxHD by morser

    Όσοι επιμένετε ελληνικά δείτε κι αυτό [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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